How to Kill a Tarantula

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Spiders are not-so-welcome house guests for many families. They thrive in warm, damp areas and chances are, they are more afraid of you than you are of them. Tarantulas are the big, hairy arachnids that are sometimes put in aquariums and kept as pets. While generally timid, if provoked or angry, they will try to bite. If you have to kill a tarantula, go about it carefully.

1 Start with some preventative cleaning

Start with some preventative cleaning. Clear away cob webs and clean untouched spaces in attics, closets and basements. Fix the problem at its source -- the tarantula's home -- by ridding your house of potential tarantula habitats.

Invest in a spider and tarantula pesticide. Use this either directly on a tarantula or in areas suspected of tarantula habitation.

Hire a professional tarantula spider control specialist. A good one should know the best chemicals to use and have a firm knowledge of tarantulas.

Get out the rolled-up newspaper, the fly swatter (probably you will need something larger considering the tarantula's size), or a comparable weapon. Wear gloves and clothing that covers your whole body, and always keep your eye on the tarantula as you're striking it.

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