How to Find Out if a Fraction Is Equivalent or Not Equivalent


Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov and this is how to find out if two fractions are equivalent. Now, the best way to find that out is to simplify. So, let's say we have two fractions, two thirds and five sixths. What we want to do is we want to find the lowest common denominator for both of them. In this case, that will be six. So, five sixths gets the hangout, stay as it is, two thirds is now going to get multiplied over by two over two times two over three. Two times two equals four, two times three equals six and those are not equivalent. However, three over five and six over 10 would be because you take your three over five, we want the lowest common denominator and that's going to be 10. So, we do two over two times three over five equals six over 10. And we're multiplying by two over two because two over two is just one. And when you multiply by one, you don't actually change the value, you're just changing the expression. So, two thirds is four sixths; three fifths is six tenths.

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