Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov, and this is how to divide into 9ths. Now, dividing into 9ths is pretty easy, but it's very easy to make a mistake as well. So when you divide into 9ths let's use the number 8. We want to multiply by 1 over 9, if you want to divide this into 9 parts. So 8 over 1 times 1 over 9 is 8 over 9 and we've now divided 8 into 9ths. So 1/9th of 8 is 8 over 9. However, what you have to avoid is if you were to say 8 divided by 1/9th, well the problem when you divide a fraction is you flip and multiply so you'd be multiplying by 9 instead of dividing into 9ths. So I'm Charlie Kasov and you just learned how to divide into 9ths.