How to Organize a School Binder

An organized binder helps students keep track of their schoolwork and stay on top of their studies. Use color coordination, dividers and labels to keep binders organized. Schools may have specific requirements as to how they want binders organized, so check with an administrator before organizing one.

1 Use Dividers

Organize your binder into sections using dividers. Dividers are affordable and readily available at office supply stores. Alternatively, make your own dividers using colored construction paper. Use dividers to separate the contents of your binder into sections such as "worksheets," "notes" and "readings." Use a different colored divider to identify each section and label each appropriately. Some dividers have pockets, which are useful for additional storage space.

2 Use Labels

Use labels to identify your binders. Include your name, the subject name and the academic year on the label. This allows you to quickly know what the binder contains. Sticker labels are available at office supplies stores, or use tape and paper to create labels. Attach a label to both the front of the binder and the spine so that you can quickly identify it if the binder is standing upright in your locker.

3 Color Coordination

If you have multiple binders, color coordinate them so you know which one goes with what subject. For example, you can have a red binder for math, a blue one for English and a green one for science. This will allow you to identify the right binder quickly and avoid mixing up or misplacing notes, assignments and worksheets.

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