What Does It Mean if Instagram Is Slow on Your Phone?

Being near a window often speeds up cellular-based Internet.
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If you find Instagram isn't quite as fast as it used to be, you probably have a slow Internet connection, or it's a sign that your phone is getting old. If your phone is a few years old and you notice other apps are slowing down, it may be time to start saving for a new phone. If Instagram is slow at school but fast at home, or vice versa, it's likely your Internet service that is slowing it down.

1 Working With a Slow Phone

Before launching Instagram or any other slow app on your phone, turn off the phone and turn it on again to clear its memory. When you launch Instagram, it will have the maximum amount of memory available. If you have a lot of photos stored on your phone and Instagram is slow in retrieving the photos you want to share, consider uploading your old photos to your computer. The fewer photos that have to load, the faster Instagram can access them.

2 Slow Internet

Speeding up your Internet access is often just a matter of stepping a few feet closer to a Wi-Fi router or going closer to a window if you're using a cellular service. In addition to this, you may want to change the preloading option in Instagram's settings. If you want to see videos, preloading should make them load faster. However, if you have a lot of photos to see, preloading videos can make loading photos slower. Try turning this feature off in Instagram's settings. See how it works, then turn it on again to compare which works best for you.

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