Math Exploration Activities


Hello, my name is Tiffany Overton, and I'm the founding partner of Eldridge Overton Educational Programs. Today, I'm going to talk about math exploration activities that you can work on with your children at home. One activity that you can use with your child to introduce them to mathematics is in the kitchen. You can have them assist you with baking cookies. Cookies usually call for 16 ounces of milk, two eggs, maybe a half a cup of butter. You can have your child estimate the number of pieces of fruit that will go in a fruit pie perhaps. So just every day activities will introduce your child to the world of mathematics. They will discover that math is indeed all around us. My name is Tiffany Overton. I hope that you found the ideas in this video useful. I thank you for watching.

Tiffany Overton is the Founding Partner of Eldridge Overton Educational Programs.