List of Recycled Items

Cans are a type of material which can be easily recycled.

More and more, recycling has become a focus in the everyday lives of ordinary people who want to preserve and protect the natural environment and resources. Many household items, including cans, plastics, glass and newspapers, can be recycled by your local recycling service.

1 Plastic

With a small amount of care, most plastics can be recycled. However, the most difficult thing recycling plants face is that only the same type of plastics can be recycled together, which means they must all be separated at the plant. Even the smallest amount of the wrong type of plastic can ruin the melt. There are symbols on the bottom of most plastic containers that indicate what type of plastic the container is made out of and where it should be recycled at the recycling center.

2 Glass

All glass is completely recyclable, made into new glass jars, bottles, insulation and construction materials. Usually, clear glass bottles are recycled into new clear glass products, while colored glass is recycled into colored glass products, so it is best for recycling companies to separate your glass bottles based on color. While labels do not need to be removed from glass, sometimes lids that are made of metal will need to be removed. Glass containers should also be rinsed with water so they don't attract insects.

3 Newspapers

Newspapers are regularly recycled into paperboard, insulation, animal bedding products and, of course, new newspaper. There is little separation that needs to be done with newspapers, as everything delivered with the newspapers can be recycled. Recycling newspapers saves valuable space in landfills and saves trees from having to be used as fresh paper. You can put these newspapers in recycling bins or tie them up with strings in stacks, making them easier for the recycling plants to recycle.

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