Many elementary, middle and high schools throughout the country require you to learn a foreign language while attending school. Learning a foreign language is something that colleges and universities look for when searching through applications. However, between school work, sports, music and other recreational activities, taking the time to learn a foreign language can prove difficult. One way to extend your day is to learn while you sleep. While this should not be the only method you use to learn the foreign language, the redundancy of hearing the information while in a relaxed state may improve your retention the next day.

Record the information you would like to retain on your mP3 player. For instance, if you have a vocabulary and spelling test in French coming up, record the word in English, the pronunciation in French and spelling of the word. If it was spelling test of words one to five hit record and say "one, un, u-n; two, deux, d-e-u-x; three, trois, t-r-o-i-s; etc."

Select the repeat function on your mP3 player after you have finished. Chances are the information you are recording is not that long. This means that shortly after falling asleep, the lesson will be over. Therefore hitting repeat will allow you to hear the words throughout the entire night.

Place your headphones on and hit the sack. After pressing play, go into a relaxed state and fall asleep.

Wake up and test your memory retention of the French lesson. See if you can remember the vocabulary words, pronunciation and how they are spelled.