Jehovah's Witness Classroom Activities for Children

Jehovah's Witness children need activities that are educational.

Jehovah’s Witness families often put restrictions on the activities children are allowed in the classroom. This restriction can sometimes result in problems for the teacher due to not knowing which activities are appropriate and which the parents would object to. Having alternative activities for the children to any activities the parents would object to will minimize the potential problems at school.

1 Seasonal Art

While Jehovah’s Witness children are not allowed to work on projects related to specific holidays, such as drawing Santa, they are allowed projects relating to the season. For example, the children can work on drawings of snow-covered mountains or snowflakes during winter as long as it is not related to the holidays.

2 Reading Activities

Jehovah’s Witness children can read books that are learning books, but not about holidays or similar subjects. For example, read books about animal facts in class or about a specific topic of study related to class, like a history lesson. These are not only appropriate for the whole class, but they help the class learn more about the topic.

3 Alternatives to Birthdays

Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate birthdays due to viewing it as elevating an individual. When the class is celebrating a birthday, give the child an alternative task such as a special errand or send the child out of the class with a book, drawing activity or similar option. The students often understand that it is the parent’s choice.

4 Study of Celebrations

Jehovah’s Witness parents will oppose children participating in celebrations or similar events. They are not opposed to children studying the celebrations of others as it is academic. Activities in which the students are studying various celebrations rather than celebrating the holiday are appropriate. Teachers should always discuss such education with parents before making any assumptions on the subject.