Integrated Math & Science Activities


Hi, my name is Stefan. Today, I'm going to be speaking on integrated math and science activities. A good activity I like to do is, take a sample number. of problems. Let's say ten problems, if you want, 20 problems. Have the students do the math problems. And then, when I'm done, get the time, always get the time. And we'll call this T, so whatever T's of one. And what I like to do is, I like to get this time, then I'll add extra time to it. You know, add 10 minutes or 20 minutes to it. And then, what I would do is, I'll have the students solve a number of problems again, a second time. Maybe ten problems again. But this time, I'll have them do it under a time limit, under a clock. But usually add time to this. So, I'll say, T plus ten minutes. And this shows how do students react under pressure. You know, how do they comprehend things and how's their brain speed under pressure. This is a good science activity because certain students are able to solve problems, but they can't solve problems when they're under pressure.

Stefan Robert is an expert in computers, with two degrees in both Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.