Addressing your letter correctly is the key to successful delivery.
Addressing your letter correctly is the key to successful delivery.

Sending a letter or package requires you to make sure you have written the address correctly. When sending your mail overseas, the correct address format becomes even more important. Making sure that the address is in a familiar, easy-to-read format helps to ensure that your delivery will be handled quickly and efficiently. It is therefore important to make sure you know the right address format for the country you're mailing to. In the case of Germany, the address format is simple and clear.

Make sure your letter is in its envelope and has correct postage.

Begin the address with the name of the person or institution you're writing to. If it is a person within a company or business, write the individual's name first, and then the name of the organization on a second line.

Write the street address. In German addresses, the name of the street comes before the number, unlike in American addresses where the number generally comes first.

Write the postal code and name of the city on the next line. In German addresses, the five-digit postal code comes before the name of the city. A postal code in Friedberg might be written as "61169 Friedberg."

Indicate the country on the last line. Since this is mainly for the benefit of domestic mail services, write "Germany" rather than "Deutschland."