How to Use Crystals

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We have all seen beautiful gemstones, but it is thought that some gems contain metaphysical properties that can be used to improve your life. These gems are also known as crystals, and each one has a different property. You can use crystals to help promote health, success and happiness in your life. Crystals can be purchased at New Age shops and online.

1 Determine the type

Determine the type of energy you wish to create. Each crystal has different metaphysical qualities. A rose quartz is ideal for matters of the heart and for good health. Jade is often used for success and financial matters while most blue crystals promote healing and peace.

2 Cleanse your crystal

Cleanse your crystal as soon as you get it. Crystals hold energy, both positive and negative. You don't know how much negative energy the crystal has collected. Allowing a negatively charged crystal to lie around too long can cause the negative energy to manifest itself causing upheaval in the household. Crystals can be cleansed in many ways. The easiest way is to simply run it under cold water while visualizing all negativity going down the drain. Salt can also be used, as it can draw negative energy out as well. Fill a small dish with salt and bury the crystal. Let it set a few hours and then rinse it off under cold running water.

3 Charge your crystal with positive energy

Charge your crystal with positive energy. Hold the crystal over your heart and close your eyes. Visualize what it is you want to accomplish. If you wish for better health, hold a rose quartz in front of your heart and visualize your health problems going away. Picture yourself as a completely healthy person. This creates positive energy and programs the crystal to put off that energy.

4 Carry the crystal around with you

Carry the crystal around with you. Ideally, it will remain on you at all times. This will be easier if the crystal is part of a piece of jewelry. If you cannot wear the crystal, try carrying it around in your pocket.

5 Reuse the crystal as often

Reuse the crystal as often as needed. Once you have a new use for the crystal, cleanse and recharge it with new energy.

Virginia Vickery is a full time freelance writer located in Southern Ohio. Before turning to freelance writing, she worked in the mortgage and insurance fields for 8 years. She has an Associate degree in business and is currently pursuing her nursing degree.