How to Speak With a French Accent. French is the language of love, spoken in dozens of countries around the world and horribly imitated by others. It is a language that is fairly recognizable by most people because of its very distinctive accent. Speaking French without an accent is a definite no-no in the culture. Read on to learn how to speak with a French accent and fool even the natives with your linguistic expertise.

Learn the basics of French grammar. Develop a firm understanding of the basics of pronunciation for the language.

Find a resource where you can hear a French person speak their native language. Pay special attention to the speed and fluidity of the language.

Listen to language tapes of individuals speaking French and concentrate on trying to understand the words and grammar despite the accent. Mimic what you hear and tape yourself to compare it against what you have heard.

Learn the French alphabet and recite it often. Practice French numbers as well; try going to a French restaurant and ordering a dish in French using your best French accent.

Buy a phonetic dictionary to help you with your accent if you are still having trouble mastering it. Remember to keep your palate open and not to keep your tongue too heavy in the mouth to get a more authentic sound.


  • Watch French films; they are both entertaining and a great way to become better acquainted with the accent. Listen to French music. Try to sing along with the music, mimicking the sounds as close to exact as you can. Practice often and not to get discouraged because you feel silly. It can be difficult learning a new accent but practice makes perfect.