How to Write Arabic Words

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The Arabic script, while beautiful, can be intimidating to learn to write. However, with regular practice, patience and perseverance, you will be able to grasp the fundamentals of the written Arabic language in a few weeks. You can even try to write your first simple word in Arabic.

1 Start

Start on the right side of the page. One of the main differences between Latin script and Arabic script is that Arabic is written from right to left. It may take a bit of time to grow used to this difference, but eventually it will come naturally to start your writing on the opposite side of the page.

2 Using an Arabic alphabet resource

Using an Arabic alphabet resource, practice each letter in each of its forms until it looks like the real thing. Letters appear differently depending on whether they are at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a word. Although most letters connect to other letters, certain letters do not connect to the letter after it. Use a site such as as a reference for how each letter should look.

3 Practice connecting letters into words

Practice connecting letters into words. Most people write the lines first and then go back to complete the letters with dots, but this may be hard at first. Move at your own pace. Developing Arabic handwriting can take years, so do not be disappointed if your words do not look perfect after only a few weeks.

4 Writing Arabic

Experiment with different short-hand tactics for writing Arabic, such as connecting the dots and stacking letters. Some books, such as "Alif Baa'" by Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal and Abbas Al-Tonsi, teach these short-hand forms of writing.

Line portion of the letter

5 Start with the letter sheen

Start with the letter "sheen." "Sheen" looks like a rounded lower case "w" with a line connecting it to the next letter. Begin from the right and replicate the letter in the picture.

Sheen depicted.

6 Add three dots

Add three dots centered on the center "tooth" of the letter. Now it is a "sheen."

Adding a

7 Continue the word

Continue the word by adding the letter "meem" to the "sheen." To write the "meem," continue the line from the "sheen" and draw a circle centered on the base line. Mimic the letter pictured.

Adding a

8 Complete the word

Complete the word by adding the letter "seen" to the "meem." Draw a line from the "meem" and then add the same initial rounded "w" that you wrote to begin the "sheen." Add a hook on the end of the "seen" that dips below the base line. Follow the picture. The word in Arabic reads "shams" and means "sun."