How to Facilitate a Goal-Setting Meeting

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The role of a facilitator in a meeting is to make sure that the meeting progresses according to the agenda. Communication should flow in a positive manner. As the facilitator of a goal-setting meeting, you need to make sure that the meeting progresses and succeeds in defining clear goals. Make sure that each step on the agenda is addressed properly. Everyone should get a chance to voice their relevant opinions. After each stage in the meeting, sum up the stage in brief and then move the meeting to the next stage. At the end of the meeting, make sure that the outcome of the meeting is clearly defined and understood.

1 Initiate discussions to set the time frame

Initiate discussions to set the time frame, accountability, action plan, milestones and the review process.

2 Introduce the current situation

Introduce the current situation, the business targets and strategies that have to be implemented through new goals by initiating a brainstorming session to bring out opinions and ideas.

3 Let the group

Let the group reach a consensus on the goals that are to be pursued. Make sure that the goals are defined precisely and understood by all the participants. The goals should be realistic and measurable.

4 Summarize the decisions

Summarize the decisions made by the group earlier. Present them in ways to ensure they are clearly understood by all participants. The milestones, action plan and accountability should be agreed upon by all concerned parties.

  • Make sure that the agenda for the meeting is prepared beforehand. Also, make sure that everyone has a copy of the agenda before the meeting begins. This will help keep the meeting on track.
  • The facilitator should ensure that the participants remain focused on the meeting and do not get diverted to other topics.
  • The facilitator should ensure that good interpersonal communication practices are followed in the meeting.
  • The facilitator is expected to be a neutral participant.

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