How to Develop Analytical Skills

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The heart of analysis is simply being able to see more than one side of a problem. The best way to improve your analytical skills is through constant practice. There are a few ways you can deliberately approach developing your analytical skills, and there’s also a good chance that opportunities to hone your analytical skills will pop up in your daily life. You should take advantage of these opportunities when they arise.

1 Read more books

Read more books. It seems simple enough, but try to read as actively as possible. Try to see opposing points of views in stories and arguments. For example, if you’re reading a work of fiction, try to see the story from the perspective of the hero, the villain and other major characters. You can also apply this to nonfiction. Simply pick a topic you’re interested in and research arguments on both sides of the topic.

2 Study mathematics

Study mathematics. Calculus, algebra and other mathematical subjects are based on logic and analysis. Learning to solve various math problems will build your analytical skills.

3 Solve puzzles

Solve puzzles. Work through logic puzzle books and look for puzzles in scientific magazines and on the Web.

Rick Radcliff became a full-time freelance writer in 2010. He has also ghostwritten for private clients, specializing in health and technology. Radcliff is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English from Pennsylvania State University.