How to Receive Gohonzon

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To "receive Gohonzon" means that as a practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism, you attain the scroll that you will use to focus on while doing your daily chanting. This guide assumes that you already have your basic altar set up in a designated place in your home for your wooden, silk or paper Gohonzon. Acquiring the actual physical Gohonzon and enshrining it in your altar is the main part of this process.

1 The Time of Enshrinment

A Gohonzon is one of many interpretations of the Buddhist mandala.

2 Ensure that the altar

Ensure that the altar is clean and free of any clutter or dust before hanging up the Gohonzon. Do this before your daily morning practise of chanting or reciting the sutra.

3 Hang the Gohonzon in or on the altar

Hang the Gohonzon in or on the altar, ensuring that it is straight. A Gohonzon made of paper may curl when it is first hung up. Do not attempt to flatten it out or roll it backwards to correct this. Allow the metal rods affixed to each end of the scroll to naturally straighten it through gravity.

4 Place your offering

Place your offering of fresh water and your food offering (optional) on the altar at this time. Light the incense and candles.

5 Ring the bell three times

Ring the bell three times, place your palms together in prayer and chant the sutra "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo" three times. The remaining details of your complete practice, including additional chants, prayers, or meditation, are entirely at the discretion of the individual.

6 Begin your evening practice by lighting the incense and candles

Begin your evening practice by lighting the incense and candles if you have chosen to use them. Ring the bell three times, chant the sutra, and continue your daily ritual. Remove the offerings of fruit at water at the end of your practice.

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