Jealousy can occur over a rival lover.

You can get rid of jealous people in your life and surround yourself with more positive people in a few easy steps. Jealousy occurs when one person envies another person's things or relationships. Jealous people may go as far as to harm the person they are jealous of because their emotions are so strong. If you know someone who is jealous of you and you don't want to be around that person anymore, tell him or her how you feel and ask to be left alone.

Identify people in your life who are jealous of you. People may be jealous of your money, physical appearance, or relationships.

Identify situations when people's jealousy affected you. Try to remember specific examples involving the people in your life who are jealous.

Confront the jealous people. Tell them that you do not want to be around them anymore. Provide examples of past experiences where their jealousy affected you. Ask them to stop contacting you.

Fly under the radar. If you can't avoid contact with jealous people, don't tell them about details of your life that might make them jealous. Avoid telling jealous people stories of wealth or your relationships to celebrities and other people in a position of power.

Ignore the jealous people. Jealous people want you to notice how jealous they are. Stop acknowledging their jealously and they will eventually go away.