When describing the armor of God, the shield stands for the Shield of Faith.

The armor of God refers to the Bible verse from Ephesians 6:11-18, which in effect states by equipping yourself with the armor of God, you can stand strong in the face of sin. The armor of God is described as: Helmet of Salvation, Breastplate of Righteousness, Belt of Truth, Sandals of Peace, Shield of Faith and Sword of the Spirit, and it is all held together with Prayer. This craft will provide the children with two of the easiest parts of the armor of God to remember. Emphasize to the children that this armor is stronger and more powerful than actually fighting with swords, our hands or other weapons.

Squirt a little paint into several paper plates. Put the plates on the tables with the sponges.

Give each child a circle and long rectangular strip. Let the child paint the circle and rectangular strip.

Give each child a baby wipe to clean their hands. Let the painted items dry while you tell the story of the armor of God, sing related songs, and/or do other activities.

After the circles and strips are dry, have an adult write with the black marker "Belt of Truth" onto the rectangular strips and write "Shield of Faith" onto the circles.

Place the belts, shields and a pipe cleaner in front of each child's seat. Bring the children back to the table to finish the craft.

Help the children tape a pipe cleaner onto the back of their circle with the mailing tape to make a handle for their shield. Tape the "Belt of Truth" together around each child's waist.