How to Make a Catholic Mass Booklet

A booklet will help Mass attendees know when it is time for communion.

Creating a Mass booklet allows Catholics and non-Catholics alike to follow along with the order of the Catholic Mass. Whether you're creating a booklet for a standard Sunday service or a special Mass like a wedding, the booklet will guide attendees through the liturgy. You can create a template that will apply to any Mass, and you can update specific readings, prayers and hymns based on that week's teachings.

List the basic Mass information on the first page of your booklet. Include the date of the liturgy and the celebrant's name. If there is a deacon or second priest assisting with the Mass, include his name as well. For a special occasion Mass, you can list additional information, such as the bride and groom's names, on the first page.

Create a heading for the Introductory Rites. This part opens up the Mass and includes the opening hymn. List the name of opening hymn, which parishioners will sing as the priest, altar servers and reader process in. Include the hymnal and page number. Under this heading, also list integral parts of this portion of the Mass, which include the Greeting and the Sprinkling of Holy Water. This part concludes with the Gloria. List the page number for that in the hymnal.

Create a heading for the Liturgy of the Word. Create subheadings for the First Reading, Responsorial Psalm, Second Reading and Gospel. Underneath these headings, list the reading for that Mass, including the book of the Gospel as well as the chapter and verses. The final subheadings for this part of the Mass should be the Homily and the Profession of Faith. You can put the text of the Profession of Faith, either the Nicene Creed or Apostles' Creed, in the booklet so that attendees can follow along.

Create a heading for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. This section includes three subheadings: the Presentation of the Gifts, Prayer over the Gifts and Eucharistic Prayer. Include any specific prayers that will be said during this portion of the Mass, which can vary from Mass to Mass and priest to priest.

Create a heading for Communion. If you expect non-Catholics at the Mass, you can explain that the sacrament of communion is reserved for Catholics, but non-Catholics can process through to receive a blessing from the priest or Eucharistic minister. This portion of the Mass begins with the recitation of the Our Father, which you can include in the booklet.

Create a heading for the Concluding Rite. Here, the priest will conclude the Mass with a series of prayers. List the prayers in this section, along with any parish announcements that the priest might make during this time.

Include any additional information on the final page of the booklet. If the Mass booklet is for a special event, you can include information about a reception or event following the Mass. You can also list the names of the altar servers, readers and Eucharistic ministers here.

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