How to Join Weight Watchers. When trying to lose weight, you want the best possible solution to a problem you have thought about for a long time. Weight Watchers is popular with all age groups, so it must be doing something right. It's not hard to join and participate in the program. Follow these steps and you will be counting points before you know it.

Decide to join Weight Watchers. Visit their website and put in your zip code where it asks if you want to find a meeting. There are usually many meeting locations close to your home.

Look in the phone directory book to see if any meetings for Weight Watchers are listed.

Pick your friends' brains if you still need to find a meeting site. Chances are, they know where one is located and the time it meets.

Buy a monthly pass in order to attend unlimited meetings each month. This can be done on the Weight Watchers website or during your registration process at the first meeting. The price of the monthly pass is about the same as attending once per week, four times per month.

Attend the meeting you found that best fits your needs. Present your monthly pass if you have purchased it. After your first meeting you will receive information on recipes, Etools, charting your progress, and the points system from Weight Watchers.

Revel in your success. Weight Watchers says that people who regularly attend meetings lose three times more weight than those individuals who don't go consistently.

Enjoy the compliments. Weight Watchers has a high success rate in helping its members lose weight.


  • If you want to attend a meeting before committing to join, there is no charge for a single visit. Meetings usually last less than an hour, but you need to arrive at the first meeting a half hour early to register. You can also try Weight Watchers magazine, frozen foods and recipes on your own before you join the program.


  • Not all meetings will be listed in the phone directory book, so don't give up until you have tried many avenues in this search.