Raising money takes time and effort, and part of that is usually a big dinner or dance that contributors may feel compelled to attend. Another option is the no-party party. In this "event," the organization does away with the party and just requests funds. A tea party version just drops a tea bag in the invitation. The no-party concept works best for those groups with budget concerns and a sense of humor.

Use a regular invitation design. The date is open, the place is the guest's home, dress is casual, and the event is a private tea party for one guest. Ideally your guest will set aside an evening to brew a cup of tea, put the feet up, and relax courtesy of the charity fundraiser.

Enclose a single elegant or funky tea bag depending on your fund raising image. Tuck the bag inside the invitation.


Briefly describe the project. Give an update on achievements and how the contribution will be used.


Thank the guest for her support, then suggest a contribution based on the savings of "not" attending a charity dinner party. Enclose a return envelope for the contribution.


Things Needed

  • ['Tea bag', 'Invitations', 'Mailing list', 'Return envelopes', 'Mailing envelopes']