How to Do a House Dedication

House dedications make families feel watched over and protected.
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In the Christian religion, new homes must be dedicated to God so that the homeowners reside within one of God's shelters. A home dedication is a spiritual, religious ceremony where the home is blessed by a religious official, such as a priest or pastor, and the house then becomes a home of God. Not all Christians opt to have such a ceremony, but the ones who want to have a house dedication must contact their religious official to perform the blessing and sermon.

Select a main psalm and prayer for the overall home. This psalm must speak to the protection of the home and the people who reside in it. Include the names of the homeowners to use in the prayer so that God may know that they are in his protection.

Find two to four additional psalms with prayers to say as you walk through the rest of the home. During a dedication each room -- include the bathrooms -- must be blessed.

Use a Bible as you perform a house dedication, so that you do not unexpectedly forget parts of the psalms or prayers. You might also provide copies of the psalms that you will be reading during the house dedication, so the homeowners can read along and follow your prayers.

Begin with the overall or primary house dedication prayer. Start speaking the prayer as you enter the home. As you read from The Bible, walk throughout the home being sure to enter into every room that you see. Open the doors and let yourself into the rooms if you have to.

Conclude the house dedication ceremony by showing thanks on behalf of the homeowners for God's protection and service in their new home. Close with an Amen.

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