How to Become a Eucharistic Minister. As an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist, commonly referred to as a Eucharistic minister, lay people can serve the Catholic Church by distributing Holy Communion during Mass and bringing it to the homebound. There is a simple process that you must follow in order to become a Eucharistic minister. Read on to learn how to become a Eucharist minister.

Practice your Catholic faith through a prayerful relationship with God. Take advantage of the sacraments regularly. If you have not been to confession in a while, go before you start the process of becoming a Eucharistic minister and continue to go regularly.

Understand the role of an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist. Priests and deacons are the ordinary ministers of the Eucharist. If enough ordained ministers are present at Mass, extraordinary ministers should defer to them and not distribute Holy Communion.

Attend a training session at your parish. Contact your parish office for a schedule and, while you are talking with the parish secretary, make sure your parish membership is up to date. This is a good time to join the parish if you are not an official member yet. If there is enough interest the parish staff may schedule an additional session.

Sign up to serve at some Masses throughout the year. Parishes schedule Eucharistic ministers in different ways. Your parish will cover its procedures at the training session.

Arrive at Mass early when you are serving as a Eucharistic minister so that you can prepare spiritually. Check in with the priest who is celebrating Mass so that he knows that you have arrived.