How to Arrange for Cremation Internment. Many people prefer cremation internment over in-ground burial. Arrange either process through a funeral home. Each cremation takes about three hours to complete. After the process, all that is left are ashes for the loved ones to keep in memorial as they wish. Make it known if you want to have your ashes dispersed in a particular place or setting. This is important information to relay to those who carry out your final wishes. Follow these steps to insure everyone knows your wishes.

Decide which funeral home you want to use and discuss your plans with them. Have the site you choose mentioned in your will, along with your wishes for cremation internment. If you plan to donate organs for transplant, you need to be sure people know this as well.

Give the funeral director written permission and instructions regarding your cremation internment. They will be able to help you with all of the arrangements. Be sure they know if you want to send your ashes home with a loved one.

Purchase the type of box you want to use in place of a coffin as part of the cremation process. Instruct the funeral director to place the box holding the body in the cremation chamber as planned.

Ask the funeral home about the rules for a viewing prior to the cremation. There should be an option to have a casket for viewing that will not be part of the cremation internment.

Enlighten the mortuary and your loved ones if you plan on scattering your ashes in a special place as opposed to internment. The same thing goes for having a loved one take custody of your ashes.

Buy the urn you want to use. You do not have to purchase it from the funeral home. The vessel you use for your ashes is totally up to you and your loved ones.

Think out of the box. If you are interested in alternative ways to conserve your ashes, here are a few ideas. Life Gem is a company that makes a diamond from the carbon in your brain. Your loved one will be able to wear it, keeping your memory alive. Your loved ones might add some of the ashes to paint and have a portrait painted of the deceased. Pay a nominal fee to have your ashes sent into outer space.