How Highlighting Textbooks Affects Selling Price

Preserve the resale value of your textbooks by nixing the highlighter pen.
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Textbooks aren’t cheap, so it pays to buy used course materials whenever you can. Once you’re finished using textbooks, you might recover some of your expense by reselling them to other students. Be careful how you use your textbooks if you plan to resell them, however, because highlighting the text might negatively affect the selling price.

1 Think Before You Ink

If you have any plans of reselling your textbooks after you finish with them, keep this goal in mind during the entire course to help you remember to use the books gently. While some college textbook programs don’t have standards in place for highlighting, others have moderate and even strict standards. Learn the conditions of resale, especially for highlighting, and follow them carefully.

2 Defining “Excessive”

Highlighting that covers the majority of the text on pages generally falls under the heading of excessive. Failure to comply with guidelines or standards might result in your inability to resell your books because they don’t meet the stringent criteria of the program. It’s also possible that your highlighted books could land in a “poor” rating category with a reduced price tag.

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