Fun Projects for the Seven Sacraments

Children read the Holy Bible to better understand sacraments.

The seven Catholic sacraments are special occasions for experiencing God's saving presence, according to American Catholic, a Christian-based education website. For students learning about the Seven Sacraments in the Catholic religion, there are numerous activities which will assist them in learning and remembering each sacrament. With use influence of creativity, hands-on activities and games, memorization and comprehension become easier. A creative approach also generates interest in the students, making them invested in learning the sacraments.

1 Sacrament Bingo

Teachers can explain the Seven Sacraments through a game of Bingo. For students to memorize the sacraments, they can create sacrament Bingo cards to exercise repetition. Instead of traditional numbers and letters on the Bingo card, there should be multiple scrambled names of all the sacraments. When the facilitator calls out a sacrament, the player covers the sacrament with a chip. A player must cover all Seven Sacraments to win.

2 Personal Interviews

Talking with previous generations can be helpful in learning about the Seven Sacraments. Catholics who have experienced the sacraments can sit down for interviews, detailing their experiences. Those who are studying the sacraments can form a list of questions to ask surrounding the meaning of the respective sacrament and what it means to them. For example, for the sacrament of marriage, a newly wed couple or an old married couple can share how the sacrament has touched their lives and relationship.

3 Study Guide Puzzles

As a class project, a good exercise to learn the sacraments is to create study guide puzzles. In groups of five, students can create crossword puzzles based on the sacraments but keep the answer key hidden from the other groups. After creating them, they can switch with each other to practice. They can also create scrambled word puzzles based on the sacraments and see which group can complete both puzzles within the shortest time.

4 Sacrament Trivia

Playing true or false can excite students and encourage them to remember important details pertaining to the sacraments. Groups of two can sit together can create one true or false question for each of the sacraments. When completed, the teacher puts all trivia in a bag and randomly selects questions to ask each pair in the class.

Cooper Veeris holds a bachelor's degree in English from Fordham University and lives in New York City. In addition to contributing regularly to various websites as a writer, she has experience teaching different populations and age groups including early childhood, junior high and high school students, and adults living with mental illnesses.