Bible Games for the Book of Job

Stories from the Bible can be incorporated into games.

Addressing the eternal question of "why do bad things happen to good people" is the premise of the Book of Job. Job is a righteous man whom Satan seeks to destroy. Job loses everything. He loses his possessions; his children die; and he becomes so ill that he wants to die. Nevertheless, he refuses to insult God. In the end Job becomes successful again. Good triumphs over evil.

1 The Patience of Job Word Search

Circling words related to Job in a word search is a Bible game idea involving the Book of Job. On the website Christians Unite Kids! you will find a word search on "the patience of Job." You can take advantage of this word search for free and can print copies of it if you need to. You also can perform the search on the website for free, and you have a "rescramble" button option to change the word positions and play again.

2 Bible Jeopardy

Creating questions involving the Book of Job is the first step in Bible Jeopardy. Create two teams. Draw a rectangle on a blackboard or white board with three Job-related categories in the first column. The next three columns are 100 points, 200 points and 300 points (300 being the most difficult questions and 100 points being the easiest). The first team to shake its shaker (a soda can with marbles in it) gets to answer the first question. If it answers correctly it earns the number of points associated with the question. If it answers incorrectly it loses the points, and the other team gets to answer the question without penalty if incorrect.

3 Job Crossword Puzzle

Using words related to the Book of Job in crossword puzzles is another Bible game idea. The website Bible Study Planet has crossword puzzles and word searches related to the Book of Job. The Bible activities are free to download and use for nonprofit groups. It also provides true or false questions regarding the Book of Job. There are also several lesson plans regarding Job to choose from such as Job's First Test and Job's Second Test.

4 Battling Sin

Using two paper towel rolls duct-taped together to create a "sword" in which to battle sin is the premise of the game Battling Sin. Use masking tape to divide the room into halves, and create a home base on each side. Each team gets one "sword" to battle sin and can decorate it if it wishes. The leader has the participants say sins that they often battle such as bullying and stealing. The leader throws an equal number of pingpong balls for the sins onto each side of the tape. When the leader yells "Go," the participants have two to five minutes to bat the "sins" to the other side, but they may not cross the middle line. When the leader yells "Stop," they return to their home bases. The winning team has the fewest pingpong balls on its side.

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