Your friend seems to have no trouble winning girls over. He has a way with females, so much so that you have started to wonder whether he may be a womanizer, or if he is just popular with the ladies. To find out if he is a womanizer, pay attention to his behaviors and how he treats girls.

Mastered Romance and Flirtation

A womanizer seems to be an expert on all things romance. He has mastered the art of flirting, wooing and complimenting. He is very charming and knows how to use his charm to impress the ladies. He might even go overboard with excessive flattery or romantic gestures seen in movies, such as serenading a girl outside her window or delivering gifts to her locker. Your friend might just be smooth, but if he seems like he has done this many times before, he probably has.

Manipulating Multiple Girls

Not only is your friend good at getting and giving girls attention, he is also good at juggling multiple girls. You might have a tough time keeping track of who he is dating because he seems to be with a new girl every time you see him. When you are around him, you notice that he never uses a girl’s name when talking to her. Instead, he calls her pet names, because he fears he might mix up one girl with another, slip up and call her the wrong name.

Girl-Centered Life

If your friend is really a womanizer, he may be so pre-occupied with girls that the rest of his life is lacking in quality. Womanizing may negatively affect other parts of his life such as school, work, friendships or future relationships, according to Psychology Today article “Field Guide to the Casanova: The Lady-killer Files” by Adelle Waldman. This is because womanizers focus so much of their attention and energy on pursuing girls that it detracts from other parts of their lives. The habits he has built up as a womanizer can hurt him in the future if he ever decides to become a one-woman man, because he will have a difficult time adjusting his behavior.

Reputation With Girls

Another way to know if your friend is a womanizer is if you hear mumbles and whispers about him being a known heart-breaker. If you hear from mutual friends that he has a reputation for being a player, chances are that he may have led on more than a few girls to earn that title. This could be because he feels like he can always upgrade to a so-called better girl than the one he is currently with, which can contribute to his need to move on quickly without committing.