How to Play Sparkle

Group of young children in a classroom
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Sparkle is a whole-class game usually used to practice spelling skills. It is simple, easy to teach and doesn't require any materials. Because the game involves an element of luck, students also practice social skills, such as being a gracious loser and taking turns.

1 Game Play

Before the game starts, arrange students in a line or circle, or specify an order for them to take turns from their desks. Announce a word to spell. The students spell the word one letter at a time, starting with the first student in line. For example, if the word is "apple," the first student says the letter "a," the second says the letter "p," and so on. If a student says the wrong letter, he is out. Once the word has been spelled correctly, the student next in line must say the word "sparkle." If that student is not paying attention and fails to say it, she is out. If the student does say "sparkle," the next person in line is out. The last student left standing wins.