How to Fold a Tortilla into a Burrito

Filling Goes in the Center

There are several traditional ways to fold tortillas into burros or burritos. All work well to keep the filling where it is supposed to belong—inside the burrito. Latinos fill tortillas with anything they have on hand at that particular moment in time, sweet or savory—even spreading them with sweet stewed apples and rolling them up and then frying them and dusting them with powdered sugar. Many fill burritos with diced cooked potatoes, a cooked meat of some kind and cooked leftover vegetables; there is no set rule as to what burritos are filled with, just your own particular tastes.

Preparing to Fold Tortilla

Warm your tortillas to make them pliable for ease of handling as cold tortillas will crack and tear easily. Keep the warmed tortillas in aluminum foil to stay warm while you prepare and fold them.

Fold Tortilla Up and Under

Grasp the bottom end of your tortilla and lift up and over your filling, tucking the tortilla under the filling securely.

Fold Each Side Up Like an Envelope

Fold each side of the tortilla like an envelope, pressing down lightly to firm into place.

Roll Tortilla Up and Place Seam Side Down

Finally roll the tortilla up from the bottom keeping the sides tucked in neatly. Lay to rest seam-side down in order for burrito to keep it's shape.

  • Burritos may be fried for extra flavor.
  • Sweet flautas may be filled with any fruit that's in season, fried and dusted with powdered sugar.

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