How Do Friends Affect Success?

Early in life, friends can teach you valuable life skills.
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Healthy friendships play one of the biggest roles in your overall success and well-being. Surrounding yourself with positive and driven people can be beneficial to all areas of your life. Friendships provide you with the support, feedback and life skills that are needed to achieve your goals and dreams.

1 Increased Self-Worth

Being part of a social group creates feelings of belonging, acceptance and self-worth. Your friends often highlight your qualities and help you become a better person. This allows you to feel confident about your potential and pursue goals that can result in success. Spending time with friends also increases your positive emotions, which have been proven to result in success. A study published in the November 2005 issue of Psychological Bulletin found that positive emotions resulted in a positive perception of self and others, increased performance, creativity and problem solving and overall success.

2 Interpersonal Skills

Friendships are complicated relationships that evolve, grow or dissolve over time. They teach important life skills, such as negotiation, altruism, problem-solving, sharing and empathy. Early in life, we learn to relate to other people through play and making friends. As we grow older, we transfer these skills to work, romantic relationships and other friendships.

3 Different Perspective

Being surrounded by friends broadens your horizons and allows you to see things through a different perspective. Friends offer advice and point out how you can do things better. They can also offer a reality check and share an objective perspective. Friends help you become more successful by opening your mind for self-growth and helping you find areas you need to work on.

4 Motivation and Support

Every person needs motivation and support when facing obstacles to success. Friends can provide a listening ear and words of encouragement when you are dealing with a setback. They can help you move beyond limiting thoughts-- identifying strengths and qualities that will help you achieve success. Supportive friends also provide a sense of security and confidence that allow you to take risks. "... When we are working or playing alongside a friend, we suddenly see our energy and creativity blossom, enabling us to soar higher than we ever imagined," according to Irene S. Levine, a psychologist, writing for Psychology

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