If your little baby, toddler or young child is fortunate enough to receive checks from his adoring grandparents, aunts, uncles or, perhaps, even from Daddy Warbucks, then you are going to need to know how to endorse them. Endorsing a check for a minor is as easy as endorsing a check for yourself, although there are a few pointers to make sure you do it properly.

Have the child sign the check if he is able. Any child who can write can sign or print his name on the back of the check. Have the child do so on the back of the check, above the “DO NOT WRITE, STAMP OR SIGN BELOW THIS LINE” warning. Often, the words “ENDORSE HERE” and a line are at the top of the check. If so the child should sign on the line.

Write the words “FOR DEPOSIT ONLY” below the child’s signature, and print her account numbers below that. Fill out a deposit slip and deposit into the child’s own account. Or, have the child present the check for cash at either her bank or the one on which the check was drawn.

Print the child’s name on the top line of the back of the check if the child cannot write himself. Then sign your name and write below that “Parent/guardian.” Deposit the check or cash it as instructed above.