She loves to sing and move with Easter songs.

Anywhere you go, your toddler seems to enjoy it more if there is music. She sings, twirls around and rocks to the music in the car, at preschool, and even at the dinner table. As you put up Easter decorations, she wants to sing about it. Her Easter songs might have a Christian theme or take a more secular path with the Easter bunny and colorful eggs.

Christian Songs

The chorus from the traditional Easter carol, “Low in the Grave,” adapts well for toddlers. When you sing “up from the grave he arose,” they can jump up to stand straight and tall. When they sing “Hallelujah, Christ arose,” they can clap and cheer. Adapt “Jesus Loves the Little Children” by adding an additional verse that substitutes “loves” for “died.” Ellen Jane Lorenz’s “O the Lamb” is simple for toddlers if you substitute “talk to God” for “intercede.” “Jesus Loves Me” contains a verse about why Jesus died, which is appropriate for an Easter message.

Easter Bunny

Your toddler associates the Easter bunny with his Easter basket contents. You can teach him a song based on “10 Little Indians” by substituting “bunnies” for “Indians” and “10 little Easter bunnies” for “10 little Indian boys.” You can add extra verses by adding a verse for chickies, duckies and candies. Sing about the “Easter Bunny Pokey,” adapted from the “Hokey Pokey,” by using bunny ears, paws, tails and the basket for the traditional body parts. Your toddler can put his hand up beside his ears for bunny ears and shake his rump for the tail.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are another common symbol your toddler associates with Easter. You can adapt “10 Little Indians” by singing, “One egg, two eggs, three red Easter eggs” instead of “Indians,” and change the colors as you sing. End with “Easter eggs in my basket.” “Five Easter eggs in my Easter basket, Mom at a blue one and then there were four.” Continue to count down until there are none, substituting colors and names of family members. You can adapt the “Paw, Paw Song” by “hunting for Easter eggs and putting them in a basket.” End with “til my basket’s full.”

Miscellaneous Options

Simple songs about ducklings will work for Easter, such as “Little Ducklings” or “Little Yellow Duck.” Invite your toddler to flap his wings and quack during the song. You can write original words to familiar tunes your toddler knows and include her name to make the song special to her. For example, “Jimmie has a bunny. He can hop. See him fill the basket. Hop, hop hop. When the basket’s full then he will stop. O what a pretty basket Jimmie’s got.” is sung to “I’m a Little Teapot.” He can hop and mime filling the basket.