Dr. Seuss Art Activities

Kids can create Dr. Seuss characters or think up their own new creatures.
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Dr. Seuss celebrates using creativity to see the world differently. His books introduced kids all over the world to never-before-seen creatures such as the zong, the guff, the grinch and the lorax, as well as new worlds like Da-Dake and Na Nupp. The world of Dr. Seuss is a great starting point for teachers and parents looking to inspire children to exercise their own creativity.

  • White paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Red and white construction paper
  • Glue
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Yarn or colored pom-poms
  • Wooden doll forms
  • Craft paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Scraps of felt in various colors

1 Dr. Seuss Hats

2 Cut the center

Cut the center out of a paper plate.

3 Cut out a rectangular piece

Cut out a rectangular piece of red construction paper. The paper should be wide enough to form a circle that matches the hole in the paper plate. It should be as high as you would like the hat to be.

4 Cut strips

Cut strips of white construction paper the same width as the red paper.

5 Glue the white strips

Glue the white strips of paper to the red paper in an alternating pattern: red, white, red, white.

6 Glue one edge of the red construction paper

Glue one edge of the red construction paper to the other edge, forming a tall tube.

7 Cut thick fringe

Cut thick fringe along the bottom edge of the tube. Fold out each of these pieces of paper, and glue the fringe to the bottom side of the paper plate. The tube will come up in the hole you cut in the plate, creating a hat.

8 Truffula Trees

9 Twist

Twist together two pipe cleaners in the colors of your choice to make a spiral, similar to a candy cane.

10 Create a yarn pom-pom

Create a yarn pom-pom. Wrap the yarn 10 to 20 times around three fingers held together. Slide the yarn off your fingers, and tie another piece of yarn around the center. Cut the ends of the yarn on both sides and fluff them out to make a pom-pom.

11 Glue the yarn pom-pom

Glue the yarn pom-pom or colored pom-poms that you purchased to the ends of the pipe cleaners.

12 Create Your Own Character

13 Forms to look like a favorite Dr. Seuss character

Paint wooden doll forms to look like a favorite Dr. Seuss character. These simple wooden pieces look like cylinders with a ball on top for the head. Paint one green for the Grinch or orange for the Lorax, for example.

14 Cut out bits

Cut out bits of felt to create details such as the eyes, the hat for the Cat in the Hat or the mustache for the Lorax. Glue them to the wooden form once the paint has dried.

15 Encourage children

Encourage children to create their own characters. Dr. Seuss' world is full of made-up characters. Ask children to paint their own characters and to think up names for them. They can be part of a Dr. Seuss story or entirely of their own creation.

  • Always supervise young children with scissors, glue and small parts.
  • Read Dr. Seuss books together before or after the art activity.

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