How to Divide in Your Head Quickly


Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov. And this is how to divide in your head quickly. Now, divide in your head quickly, you want to develop a couple tricks and a couple of reference points. A very good one is dividing by five. For example, when I divide by five, I don't divide by five. What I do, is I multiply by two and then, I divide by 10. Because those are both way easier. For example, if I have to do 60 divided by five. What I'll do is I'll multiply by two in my head, 60 times to which is 120. And then, I'll divide by 10 because then I can just get rid of that zero. And I have 12. Or if I want to do 75 divided by five. Again, I multiply by two, so that's 150. Divide by 10, that's 15. And now I have 75 divided by five. So that is one way to divide in your head quickly.

Charlie Kasov has been tutoring high school mathematics since 2004. He is qualified to teach several math subjects, including geometry, algebra, trigonometry and probability.