How to Change Pierced Navel Jewelry

Navel piercings should be fully healed before changing out the jewelry.
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Miley Cyrus and Keira Knightley have at least one thing in common: They both boast pierced navels. These sassy piercings need from six months to one year to heal completely because the piercing sits at a particularly delicate part of the body. Changing a navel piercing is a much-less frequent task than changing out a pair of earrings, and it should only be attempted on a fully healed and healthy piercing. Once fully healed, it is a good idea to take out and clean your navel jewelry every month or so to keep the area clean and healthy.

Pour a small amount of saline solution onto a clean cotton pad. Unscrew the top ball of the new jewelry, and wipe off the entire exterior of the belly button ring. Lay the cleaned jewelry on a clean surface, and allow to dry completely.

Unscrew the ball at the top of the jewelry inside your piercing. It might take a tiny bit of pressure to initially get the ball to unscrew, but it should slide out quite easily once it has been loosened.

Place the unscrewed ball to the side, and pull the piercing out very slowly and gently until it is completely removed.

Pick up the clean, new piece of navel jewelry, making sure the top ball is still unscrewed and easily accessible. Insert the small tip of the jewelry into the piercing until the shaft of the jewelry is completely inserted.

Screw the top ball onto the new piece of jewelry. Keep twisting the ball until it is firmly in place. Sitting for long periods, wearing clothes that move and having an active lifestyle can all loosen the ball at the top of the jewelry, so secure it into place tightly.

Pour a small amount of saline solution onto a new cotton pad, and wipe down the removed piece of navel jewelry to sanitize and clean it. Store in a small plastic bag or other hygienic place.

  • Only remove navel jewelry from a pierced area after it has healed completely and has no signs of infection or damage.
  • Buy navel jewelry that matches the gauge of your piercing.

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