How to Deal With an Annoying Mother

You can build a relationship with your mom and keep your sanity.
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Throughout your lifetime, your mom will cheer for, care for and influence you -- but she may sometimes make you feel nutty. There’s no need to ponder why she annoys you, because you probably have a mental list committed to memory. You can’t change your mom, but you can minimize some of the frustration that your relationship with your mom triggers.

1 Try a Distraction

It’s okay to politely excuse yourself to regain a sense of calm and composure when you feel overwhelmed by anger. Engage in a favorite activity that helps you to feel calm and in control of your feelings. It doesn’t matter whether you play a sport, text your best friend, try on a new nail polish or listen to music. Such options can distract you from feeling annoyed, and prevent you from saying something to your mom in the heat of the moment that you'll later regret.

2 Keep Your Cool

It’s difficult not to argue or complain when your mom’s behavior annoys you. You may feel tempted to yell, storm out of the room or use an unkind tone. For example, if you say “I don’t know why I even bother to talk to you. You never listen, and I am tired of your stupid advice,” your mom is more likely to respond to you with a negative tone that mirrors yours. You can increase the likelihood that a difficult moment will have a better outcome if you communicate with your mom in a respectful, courteous tone, recommends Teens Health in the article “Talking to Your Parents – or Other Adults.”

3 Listen to Her

It’s easy to forget to listen if your mom’s behavior is consistently annoying. When you expect annoying behavior, you may tune her out without a second thought. Try something new. Listen to your mom without interrupting or thinking about how you can easily dispute what she’s saying. When you show your mom that you care about understanding her side, she will probably do the same for you. Your interactions with your mom may become less annoying when you both take the time to listen.

4 Learn to Compromise

Bumps in the road are never pleasant, but eventually you navigate around them. Moms struggle to come to terms with the fact that their little ones hold a driver’s license instead of a coloring book. It’s normal for you and your mom to disagree during this time. She will always be your mom, but as you both gain more practice in compromising with one another, your relationship with her will improve.