What Are Some Cute Ways to Give a Guy Your Phone Number?

His curiosity will compel him to pick up that phone and call.
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If you’re attracted to a guy, get his attention by smiling and making eye contact, suggests social psychologist Jeremy Nicholson in “How to Get a Guy's (or Gal's) Attention” for Psychology Today. Once he heads over to meet you, find a cute way to slip him your phone number so you can get to know him better.

1 Autographs and Artistic Endeavors

Write your name and number on a sheet of paper and tell the guy that he now has your autograph in case you become famous, as The Collegian columnist Alexandra Norton did in “Wo-man Up, Give Him Your Number.” Alternatively, write a short story or create an artistic piece and sign it, letting him know that when everyone is talking about you as the newest writer, painter or whatever, he will have an original work, your phone number and bragging rights that he knew you when.

2 Gift Delivery

Put your phone number inside several sealed envelopes -- each in a different color. Have a friend deliver them on a plate. He must choose a color, animal sticker or word to determine which envelope he gets. You can also do this with various small gift boxes, each having a different color bow or wrapping paper. (He doesn’t have to know that each envelope or gift contains your number as his prize.)

3 Make a Game of It

Guys like a challenge and are willing to work to get your number if they are interested. Make a game of it by giving him one or two numbers every day. Place an envelope in his locker or backpack inviting him to call your number. Include a note saying that it is from a secret admirer and he must call the number if he wants to know your identity.

4 More Fun

Print your phone number on a small square of decorated poster board and cut the board up into puzzle pieces he must assemble to get the number. Place the puzzle pieces in a box or envelope and give them to him. Alternatively, create a cartoon strip where each numeral in your phone number is a different character. As a third option, insert your number in homemade fortune cookies with quirky fortunes such as "An interesting woman will enter your life" or "Your dating luck will change when you call this number."

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