Creative Math Projects

By Tiffany Overton

Creative math projects can introduce great concepts to students in just the right way. Find out about creative math projects with help from an experienced mathematics professional in this free video clip.


Hello, my name is Tiffany Overton, and I am the founding partner of Eldridge Overton Educational Programs. Today, I'm going to talk about fun math projects that you can work on with your children at home. The first project I'm going to talk about is the All About Me math project. So, instead of saying, I like candy, this All About Me math project involves numbers. And it's a fantastic way to introduce number sense and numerical concepts. So, the student can say, my name is Gigi, I am seven years old, am 46 inches tall. So, they're going to describe themselves using numbers. Another fun project that you can work on with your child, is the birthday party math project. You will give your student 100 dollars. And they will plan their birthday party with the 100 dollar budget. And so, the child can figure out if they're going to spend a certain dollar amount on food, on invitations, on decorations. It will involve numeric operations, budgeting, problem solving, all in one project. I hope that you found these ideas useful. Again, my name is Tiffany Overton of Eldridge Overton Educational Programs. Thank you for watching.