Crafts of all types keep 5-year-old boys happy and engaged.

Craft projects aren't just about keeping a (sometimes) rambunctious 5-year-old boy quietly entertained for an afternoon -- although this is also a great thought for a long winter afternoon indoors. Did you know that craft-making improves fine motor skills, improves creativity and helps problem solving skills? With 5-year-old boys, some might love crafts, while you have to beg others to try a craft.

Build a Marshmallow Structure

This is a great craft project for boys who love to build. Gather several bags of marshmallows of different sizes, (or, perhaps even different colors of the tiny marshmallows), several boxes of toothpicks and some paper plates. Kids create a structure by attaching a marshmallow to the end of a toothpick, then attaching another toothpick to the other end of the marshmallow. Then, attach another marshmallow to the end of that toothpick -- and so on. The paper plates are platforms that the structures rest upon, and the bigger the plate -- the larger you can make the structure. And even though these are made with food, they can last for months.

Marshmallow-Pom Pom Shooter

Some 5-year-old boys really like to build things -- and some (or many) like to throw things. This craft allows kids to do both, by creating a special sling shot for mini-marshmallows or pom poms. This activity is best done in a rec room, away from items that could break and away from younger kids. You'll need disposable plastic drinking cups, mini-marshmallows or pom poms, balloons and scissors. First, the boys will put two cups together and cut off the bottom third -- an adult may need to help with cutting. Second, the boys can cut 1/2-inch off the top of a balloon and tie a knot on the bottom. Next, stretch the balloon over the top of the cups, with the knot facing out and centered. Finally, place a mini marshmallow or pom pom inside the cup on the knotted center. Turn the cup away and the boys can pull back the outer knot to launch the marshmallow or pom pom. The marshmallows are tasty and the pom poms are harmless projectiles.

Cars on Parade

Why not have a toy car parade? And make it arty. The two of you can assemble the toy cars your boy loves and deck them out in anything decorative. This can be tacky glue can attach beads, feathers, googly eyes, plastic animals, glitter, sequins or anything he wishes to add to his car. Any toy car will do -- as long as it's one that he doesn't mind being permanently altered this way. Line them up and presto -- toy cars on parade.

Monogram Collage

Making a collage is a great way for a 5-year-old boy to practice his cutting skill. And how little boys love to practice their cutting skills! For a monogram collage, you'll need poster board, scissors, glue and a stack of magazines. To make the letter, you or your child should write his initials on the poster board in large, block letters. After cutting the letters, he should cut pictures and words from magazines. These pictures and words can be of anything he likes or wants. Once he's got around 30 pictures, he can start gluing them onto his initials. You can then hang the completed monogram collage on the door to his room.