Communication Research Topic Ideas

Communication includes all forms of media and speech.
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As far as research is concerned, communication is still fairly new as an academic field. New scholarly work pertaining to communication-related subjects is being generated all the time. If you are interested in contributing new communication research to the literature base, there are a wide variety of topics to choose from.

1 Political Rhetoric

The study of political rhetoric involves what politicians say, how they say it, and the impact of their communication. This can be analyzed on a local, state, federal or international level. Materials used for these studies can include speeches, websites, campaign advertisements and media appearances. The study of political rhetoric helps us understand the persuasive tactics used by politicians and the impact of our leaders' communication on society as a whole.

2 Intercultural Communication

In an era of rapidly advancing globalization, people are exposed to other cultures more frequently. People from different cultures communicate in different ways, which makes intercultural communication important. The study of intercultural communication involves comparing and contrasting the communication styles of different cultures, identifying barriers to understanding between these cultures, and presenting solutions that facilitate more understanding. Examples of potential intercultural communication research topics include analyzing aspects of culture in an educational setting, investigating the extent to which highly linked cultures assimilate to each other's communication styles, or examining the impact that studying abroad may have on someone's communication style.

3 Computer-Mediated Communication

One final area of scholarly communication research to look into is computer mediated communication. New technologies are expanding opportunities for communication. Understanding how these new methods affect us as communicators is key to being able to effectively use these new tools. Examples of potential computer-mediated communication research topics include looking into the methodologies of computer-mediated communication, analyzing the development of a new Internet language, or examining the impact of digital communication on our ability to perceive and interpret non-verbal cues.

Lauren Nelson was a nationally recognized public speaker and debater for eight years and has three years of contracted technical writing under her belt. Nelson is a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts in corporate and organizational communication and is currently serving as Director of Communications for Attain Capital Management.