International Relations Paper Topics

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International Relations is a major that requires a lot of research and analysis on various topics concerning different nations and organizations. This analysis is usually summarized and presented in the form of a paper or essay. The goal of this paper should be to examine the cause and effects of current day international events, trends and policies. Thus, choosing the proper topic for the paper is a vital element of writing a great international relations paper.

1 Countries and Regions

The most common type of international relations paper topic usually deals directly with analysis of the relations between two nations or two regions of the world. This analysis could include distribution of power across regions, patterns of military alliances or the entire international system of the region as a whole. Countries have relations with other countries on many different levels. By analyzing these relationships, we can come to understand how different nations interact with each other.

2 Trade

Another paper topic could involve examining the trade occurring between different nations or regions of the world. Examine historical and current trade patterns and how they have affected the growth of the nations involved. This topic is common when examining the Middle East and China.

3 Policy Changes

Examining recent policy changes is another choice for an international relations paper. This type of topic would begin with a literature review to show the facts that other researchers have already gathered. Then, propose your own ideas on what this policy change will mean for the future of the nation in question. This type of topic requires a lot of in-depth analysis and creation of logical arguments. For example, research papers have been done by Boston University graduates on "An Analysis of Energy Policy in India from the 1970s to the Present Day" and "The Transformation of UN Peacekeeping in the Post-Bipolar Era."

4 Conflicts

One of the most popular types of international relations paper topics involves analyzing conflicts between different nations. Analyzing conflicts requires examining the situation from multiple perspectives and then stating a unbiased summary of the events and actions that unfolded. All counter arguments for purpose and motives must be considered when presenting this information. An example of this type of topic would an analysis of the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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