Ethnography, a method of research in the social sciences, often involves a researcher’s direct, personal observation of a group of people. Scholars from many academic fields, most notably anthropology and sociology, utilize such data in a wide variety of research projects.


Ethnographic analysis is a qualitative approach for studying human societies in terms of their distinctive cultures. The defining aspect of this approach involves the in-depth study of all aspects of a given human society.


Researchers use such methods as direct observation, questionnaires, and interviews to obtain data for ethnographic analysis.


Researchers use ethnographic analysis to study people’s behavior in the context of their daily lives. This type of research provides a detailed understanding of how different societies evolve over time.


Ethnographic analysis developed in the disciplines of sociology and anthropology. Later, scholars in other fields such as history, economics, law, and education began to use this approach in their studies.


Because their conclusions are based on the subjective analysis of data, researchers must be careful when making generalizations about other societies based on their findings. The findings usually only apply to the group under study.