College degrees increase your earning power and employability. Although college success depends on dedication and hard work, aptitude also plays a role. You may feel nervous about pursuing a college degree if you struggle with particular subjects, such as math. Many college majors do not require a substantial amount of math beyond the general basic courses required by your institution.


Degrees in humanities, such as English, focus on reading and writing and require very little math. English degrees concentrate on study and analysis of classic works of English literature. English classes also include elements of grammar, composition and creative writing. Other humanities majors that require very little math include history, art, music and foreign languages.


If you enjoy helping people, you may want to consider getting a degree in nursing. The nursing field requires very little math. The only math required for most nursing programs relates to calculating drug dosages. Although these calculations are not based on advanced math, they are of critical importance in patient care.

Social Science

Social sciences, including sociology and psychology, do not require much math. Sociology is the study of human behavior, which includes how societies function. Psychology is the study of the human brain, including stages of development and mental illness. People with degrees in social sciences may work in a human services field.

Business and Management

Business and management degrees require very little math. These degrees may teach you about sales marketing techniques. Human resources management courses include information about employment law and payroll and benefits administration. Many programs also teach students about business administration, which may include purchasing, data analysis and forecasting.