Coconut Oil for Skin Acne

Coconut oil is particularly beneficial in fighting adult acne.
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If you’re like many people suffering from acne, you already know how many so-called remedies and over-the-counter medicines exist to treat the condition. Although conventional methods have successfully treated acne in the past, some individuals use coconut oil for its antimicrobial benefits and moisturizing qualities to combat the signs of acne. Although coconut oil may successfully treat acne at all ages, those older than 30 particularly benefit thanks to its anti-aging benefits.

1 How It Works

Coconut oil is a natural antimicrobial agent containing capric acid and lauric acid. These active ingredients kill acne-causing bacteria within the pores, reducing the occurrence of pimples. Also, because coconut oil is a natural lubricant, it can lead to softer and more balanced skin which, in turn, reduces breakouts. But coconut oil may not work for everyone. In some cases, traditional treatment methods such as benzoyl peroxide may be a more potent solution. For best results, ask your dermatologist prior to using coconut oil to treat acne.

2 How To Apply

When it comes to treating acne, coconut oil has been shown to effectively reduce breakouts while hydrating and protecting the skin. In this sense, coconut oil is an ideal remedy for adult acne. Because coconut oil is a natural emollient rich in vitamin A, it can help protect, hydrate and shield skin against acne and aging. To apply, select a preferably organic extra virgin coconut oil. Using small amount -- about the size of a pea -- emulsify it in your hands and apply to your entire face as you would an ordinary moisturizer. Use a gentle sweeping motion to help the coconut oil absorb into the skin. Remember, coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so the warmth of your hands will be enough to make it pliable.

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