What Is the Climax of "Among the Imposters"?

The illegal
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"Among the Imposters" by Margaret Peterson Haddix is a young adult novel about a future world in which a totalitarian government has come up with strict controls for overpopulation. Couples are only allowed to have two children, and any additional children are hanged. Luke Garner is the protagonist of the novel and is an illegal third child. His parents get him a fake ID and send him to a boys' school to live under an assumed name. In the climax of the novel, Luke and other shadow children are nearly discovered.

1 Living in Shadows

Luke attends the Hendricks School for Boys as Lee Grant. Luke sneaks out of the school at night and plants an illegal garden. Soon, he learns that other children are also sneaking out and that they are also shadow children. Jason, or Jackal Boy, is the leader of the group and gives Luke a lot of information about how to stay undercover. As Luke fights to figure out how to evade detection, he overhears Jason on the phone in the climax of the novel and learns that he is an agent for the Population Police. Jason's task is to discover and capture the shadow children at the school. Luke hits Jason over the head and then calls his friend's father, Mr. Talbot, who is a double agent in the Population Police. The climax leads to the resolution, which involves Mr. Talbot creating a cover story that protects Luke and the other shadow children.

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