Can You Be a Probation Officer With a Felony?

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Probation officers have a duty to ensure that the individuals he supervises follow the law. A probation officer must abide by the same laws that she is enforcing. Ordinarily, having a felony conviction is not allowed for a probation officer because it prevents the officer from carrying a weapon or interacting with the felons he supervises.

1 Probation Officer Duties

Sometimes called community supervision officers, a probation officers supervise those placed on probation after being convicted of a crime. Probation is not imprisonment, but being monitored in the community. The probation officer supervises through contact with the person and his family members. Probation officers work with either juveniles or adults. Some probation officers testify on behalf of the individual on probation or make progress reports to the courts.

2 Background Checks

In many departments, probation officer must not have a felony conviction. Before becoming a probation officer, an applicant must pass a background check during which law enforcement authorities will verify the information the applicant listed on her application. Falsifying information could subject an applicant to legal consequences.

3 Educational Requirements

Probation officers may be expected to have a degree in social work, criminal justice, psychology or a related field. Some schools may deny admission to applicants who have been convicted of a felony.

4 Carrying Concealed Weapons

Some probation officers are required to carry a weapon because officers may a home, job site or other place to check on individuals, some of whom may be dangerous. A person with a felony conviction may be prohibited from carrying a weapon or applying for a weapon's license.

5 Regulation Of Probation

When an individual is placed on probation, she may not be around drugs, alcohol or others with felony convictions. Therefore an individual on probation would not be allowed around a probation officer with a felony conviction.

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