Classroom quiz shows can be beneficial to students for many reasons. Hands-on activities, rather than a lecture-based style of learning, help students maintain focus and develop essential problem-solving skills. Students will find a classroom quiz show to be engaging and exciting.


Educators can use classroom quiz shows as a motivational tool for students. Students will naturally be motivated to study more and pay attention during class if they know that later they will be tested on the material in front of their peers. Add further motivation by explaining to students before the lesson that the winners of the classroom quiz show will be rewarded with no-homework passes or extra credit on an upcoming test.


Students will enjoy reviewing the concepts they have recently studied. Classroom quiz shows allow students to build on prior knowledge and reinforce concepts which may have been unclear to them. Students will take time to go over recent lessons to perform better during the quiz. Classroom quiz shows provide an excellent way to reinforce material that needs to be covered before an upcoming state test.

Increase Participation

Classroom quiz shows will motivate every student to participate. Educators often have trouble getting every child to pay attention to the lessons, complete work and not cause a disturbance to other learners. A classroom quiz show demands participation from students. Students begin to encourage each other instead of working independently. Students who often appear to be bored during school will enjoy the fast-paced type of learning they experience during a classroom quiz show.

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Build Teamwork

Educators will be able to build a sense of teamwork with the incorporation of classroom quiz shows. Students will enjoy working together to earn a reward. Encourage students to cheer each other on. Remind students that they should display good sportsmanship as they work toward a common goal. If time allows, instruct students to spend time practicing with their team. Monitor students and help them build a strong sense of teamwork.