How to Buy Litmus Paper

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Litmus paper is used in medical and scientific fields as a way to measure the acidity of liquid that it comes into contact with. Chemistry classrooms often conduct experiments with litmus paper. Litmus paper is treated with special dyes that change color when exposed to acidic conditions. Keep the following in mind when you buy litmus paper.

1 Find online retailers

Find online retailers that sell litmus paper. Pharmacies and hardware stores often sell litmus paper, but you’ll have a much larger selection to browse through online. Some examples of online suppliers include America RX and Tower Hobbies.

2 Determine the acidic range

Determine the acidic range measured by the litmus paper. Litmus paper will indicate a pH range and the range may fall between 5.0 and 9.0. The higher the number, the more acidic the substance will be.

3 Consider color-changing types of litmus paper

Consider color-changing types of litmus paper. Red litmus paper is another option you will have, which will stay red when exposed to an acid or will change to blue when it comes in contact with a basic solution.

4 Look

Look at litmus paper options that give you more details about the substance. Some users may want more than just an indicator of whether the substance is an acid or not. For example, the Virtual Village website has litmus paper strips that have a 1 to 14 scale that indicates high acidity, neutrality or high alkalinity.

5 Decide on the quantity of litmus paper

Decide on the quantity of litmus paper you wish to order. The number that you order depends on your intended use for the paper. You can buy the litmus paper in bulk with quantities of 200 or more.

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